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Our clients experience the security and satisfaction of knowing they have achieved better results, improved profit, and growth in their companies.

We combine your vision, passion and industry knowledge with our strengths in marketing, management, and operations to deliver easy, effective, affordable improvements that work for you.

You immediately benefit from expert advice. Additionally, you will create a resilient foundation for meeting future challenges with the custom developed tools we provide to you.
Our Company
  Business Growth & Development  
  Discover your core competencies, ideal clients, and best ways to find, keep and grow clients that will generate profitable growth.  

  Create strategies that are easy to understand,
implement and measure, that will increase
sales and profit, while reducing costs.

  Improve efficiencies and profit with management tools that result in improvements and quantifiable cost savings.  

Linda M. Linham is
an entrepreneurial
coach, consultant and founder of Successful
Ventures LLC.

"Many, many, thanks
for providing the terrific framework for helping
us move our business forward. Getting us
back on track and
helping us make a
closer evaluation of
our business was just
what we needed."

Dona Blunt, President
Newport Promotional Services, Inc.

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