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With more than 20 years executive leadership experience, working in and running diverse companies and organizations, Linda Linham founded Successful Ventures LLC with just one thing in mind: delivering high value improvements to business owners and organizations.


Prior to founding Successful Ventures LLC, she served in various leadership roles including CEO, President, Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing, Sales Manager, Creative Director and Human Relations Manager. With her broad base of business experience, she has worked in and for public and privately held national and international companies with multi-million dollar sales to smaller privately owned companies and non profit organizations in various industries.

Ms. Linham’s visionary leadership style, creative approach to problem solving, marketing expertise and applications of technology for business improvements are her strengths. Her experience in management, business development, restructuring, executing and integrating acquisitions, partnerships, managing transitions as well as startups, turnarounds, changes in dynamic environments, fused with the talents of strategic partners and clients is the solid foundation of Successful Ventures LLC.

As a professionally trained facilitator and speaker, she has presented seminars in every major US city, in various industries on subjects ranging from consultative selling, and financial management, to exceptional customer service, marketing in the Intangible economy and managing a multi-generational workforce.

When asked what brought her to this line of work, Linda’s answer is, “I was the kid who asked ‘Why’?” Her belief is that what distinguishes outstanding business consultants, is not only their past experiences, but also their ability to think differently and know what questions to ask to gain insight and a comprehensive understanding of a business or an organization.

“My career has offered many exciting opportunities for me to apply and refine my skills, and my nature is to continually learn and grow. I find great fulfillment in helping those in business achieve their goals and sharing my wisdom and knowledge with others. I am passionate about making a difference. The difference can be with my clients or their clients. I love the nature of what I do—it is analytical, creative, and involves working with a variety of outstanding, talented people.”


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