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Here are some of the presentations that are available. We will customize our presentations for your industry and will work with you to meet the needs of your group with keynote speeches or in depth workshops.

Business Growth Workshop
Our workshop is a training program that will provide proven methods utilized by small business owners, self-employed professionals, and entrepreneurs who know they want to grow their business and don’t like to “SELL”! This also includes the business “dashboard” basics for success.
Finding the "Right" People
Technical skills are important but without the key ingredients, the technical skills may be irrelevant. Learn the pathways to successful interviewing, hiring, retaining and growing employees.
How Startups Learn to Grow
Linda will lead your group through an interactive discussion about uncovering your hidden strengths and share her own experience in starting up a business in an intangible economy.
10 Ways to Grow Your Business
Whether you are an entrepreneur, self-employed professional or business owner, these tips will inspire you to new levels of success.
Red to Black at Lightning Speed
Learn the turnaround secrets from a veteran top level executive who knows how to get results, and enjoy Linda’s stories about success and failures you learn from.
Professional Sales for Non-Sales People
Discover the steps, tips and techniques that makes selling less of an effort and more effective.


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